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Frequently Asked Questions

"You are an intelligent trader. You control your risks. You are a money making machine."

  • Is the TradeProspect system profitable?

    Yes, the TradeProspect system uses a tested and proven system to find the safest and most profitable stocks. We implement time-tested strategies that you can put to work for you, right now – even if you’ve never traded before!

  • What if I need help understanding the TradeProspect tools?

    TradeProspect has a special members-only tutorial section that gives you a detailed explanation of how to utilize the trading tools and start making money! Our system is built to be easily understood by all levels of investors, while providing flexible options that cater to more experienced traders. And if all else fails, our support team is only a click away.

  • What else do I need, other than a TradeProspect subscription, to get started?

    TradeProspect is a powerful all-in-one system that takes you from locating great stocks all the way to knowing how many shares and at what price to purchase them. You don’t need any other tools! We do recommend that you have a pre-existing trading account.

  • Can I buy stocks directly through TradeProspect?

    At the moment, TradeProspect is a research tool that provides you with enough information to trade stocks through your own brokerage. It does not allow you to trade directly within the site.

    We are continually updating the TradeProspect system so if you are interested in having this feature implemented in the future, please email us at: and let us know the name of your brokerage. We can then work to include this functionality into the site.

  • Once I’ve subscribed, how long does it take for my account to become active?

    Upon subscription, you will be sent a verification email, immediately. Just click the link provided in the email and your account will be fully activated instantly!

  • Do I need to install any special software to use TradeProspect?

    The entire TradeProspect system works through your web browser and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. You will not have to install any software to use TradeProspect.

  • Can I use TradeProspect on a MAC?

    Yes, the entire TradeProspect system works through your web browser and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection including MACs.

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