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  • Identifying and Understanding Price Breakouts

    A price breakout can be one of the most critical points to look for in any stock. This is a point where the value of a stock goes beyond the general value that the stock normally trades at. In most cases a stock will have an extremely difficult time going over or under a resistance band - the price level of a stock where it tends not to trade either above or below.
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  • 5 Ways to Profit From Seasonality - And Boost Your Stock Portfolio!

    Although the success of your stock portfolio is ultimately based on the stocks you pick and your timing within each individual stock's rise and fall, there are also larger undercurrents that can impact the entire market. We are talking about seasonality - not to be confused with market timing.

    Market timing refers to picking the tops and bottoms of short-term price patterns within the market. Seasonality, on the other hand, refers to using historical seasonal price patterns to anticipate how the market will react and then proactively investing based on that knowledge.
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  • 5 Critical Stock Investing Rules - That Work!

    Why is it that 75% of professional investors under-perform the stock market? Is it that they don't properly research the companies they invest in? Do they invest in industries they know nothing about? Do they let their emotions get in the way of intelligent trading decisions? Well, all of these reasons are true. Is it not a sad reality however that even professional investors are losing in the stock game? This paints a bleak situation then for the average investor. After all, if the pros can't get it right, then how can we?!

    Well, the playing field becomes a lot more level if you follow these 5 simple, yet very powerful, rules. Stock trading success no longer depends on whether you are a professional or casual investor; the highest probability of success is in the hands of those who simply follow these 5 rules.
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