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About Us

"You are an intelligent trader. You control your risks. You are a money making machine."

    Ordinary traders don't often have the resources or the training that the professionals have when buying stocks.

    Fortunately, that's where we come in. By providing stock analysis services that are advanced, yet easy to use, we put powerful trading tools into your hands! No longer do you have to struggle with complicated financial terms or faulty strategies. We provide only the best services.

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  • What is TradeProspect?

    TradeProspect is a stock market data analysis tool that will change the game for retail traders and day traders. TradeProspect's tried and tested tools are intuitive and comprehensive, making them applicable to all levels of investors. These tools put the "little guy" sitting at home in position to successfully trade at the highest level and PROFIT!

    To learn more about TradeProspect, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Services section. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

  • Who should use TradeProspect?

    You should! Whether you're a "newbie" or an experienced trader, TradeProspect provides you with value in each and every aspect of its design. With detailed step-by-step tutorials and new articles every week, we're committed to making sure you are always taken care of.

  • Our Vision

    At TradeProspect, our vision is to be the best in providing robust and reliable stock trading tools.